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Dentures or false teeth are used to replace some or all of a patients teeth. In some cases this is the best choice. Old dentures that are loose or cause pain can be relined or totally remade. New flexible dentures that are now available have revolutionized this oldest of the dental arts.

Sports guards

Sports guards that are custom made offer the teeth and jaws and even the neck of the sports person the best protection. Any colour or combination of colours or design can be used. Your name will be placed permanently in the sports guard.

Grinding Guards

Grinding guards can be simple protective covers to prevent tooth wear or more sophisticated appliances designed to eliminate the grinding and relieve pain in the jaws, joints and the teeth.

Snoring devices

Snoring devices that help the snorers lower jaw to remain in the correct position during sleep have been shown to reduce snoring. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth and makes measurements and records of your jaw position, a specialist laboratory then creates your own individual anti-snoring device.